Nov 26, 2009

Tegan & Lachlan

On Friday the 20th of November Harristown High had their Senior Formal which was held at the Cathedral Centre on Neil Street, Toowoomba. I was fortunate enough to be asked to photograph this pair for the formal. Some of you may notice Tegan from my "Essence" gallery on my main website. As usual, she looked stunning and Lachy looked very handsome. I was totally amazed at the lengths some of these students went to, I honestly dont remember my Senior Formal (which was a few years ago now) to be anything like this. I'm sure there were alot of very proud parents that evening.

The afternoon started off a bit rocky with the Hairdresser running 2 hours behind schedule which led to Tegan arriving about 3/4 of an hour later than originally planed to the Gardens and leaving Tegan's mum a little stressed. In the end, it didnt really matter as we managed to get some beautiful shots of the pair and also some with their families.

We started off at the Japanese Gardens and than headed down to the Town Hall where we met Yogi with the very nice Ford Coupe (cant remember the year model but it was old). After a few photos at the Town Hall Tegan and Lachy headed to the Cathedral Centre in the Ford Coupe so I raced up there to capture them arriving. What I was then to witness was amazing. There were heaps and heaps of people all lined up either side of the driveway to welcome each different car as it arrived. As the students hoped out of their cars they were welcomed with what seemed like paparazzi. They all than proceeded down the red carpet as if they were at the logies. It was amazing. I have to say though, no-ones entry was quiet as fabulous as Tegan and Lachlan's. When they arrived Lachlan, Yogi and Yogi's grandaughter all hoped out of the Ford Coupe. Lachlan and Yogi than lifted Tegan out of the Coupe while the little girl put on Tegan's shoes for her. Everyone was cheering. What an entry!
I'm sure that it was a night that they will remember always.


  1. Gorgeous pics Kell! I don't remember my formal either...and I didn't even drink LOL

  2. Thanks Kirtsy. I do remember my formal - well parts of it (i wasnt drinking either) I just dont remember anyone going to the extremes that they all seem to go to. It was nice to see though.


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