Jan 20, 2009

Miss K

I photographed my little niece (one of many) and absolutley loved these photographs so I thought I would share a couple with you. Doesn't she just melt your heart? While your checking these one's out, check out my logo at the bottom left hand corner of each of them. I finally have one - WOHOO!!!

From such a cheeky giggle to Miss Serious

Jan 12, 2009

What a family

At the end of last year I photographed this wonderful family. They were so much fun. We had many laughs. I really enjoyed this shoot. I hope you enjoy these pic's. It was so hard to just choose a handful to show.

Jan 11, 2009

Beautiful Eyes

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous little man at the end of last year. He was so adorable and an absolute pleasure to photograph.


Here it is, my blog. I hope you all enjoy checking out my pic's. I'll try my best to update it as often as possible so please bare with me if there is any long delays between posts.

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